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    Our Outcomes

    Discover the power of strategic collaboration with Simple Realty Northwest. Our outcomes showcase our unique, tailored solutions for diverse challenges faced by Northwest builders like you.

    Osprey Homes: Realizing Opportunity

    “Working with Simple Realty Northwest changed Osprey Homes’ trajectory. They gave us clarity and strategic direction.”
    – Rachel K., Project Manager, Osprey Homes

    Situation Osprey Homes faced challenges in Cascade Locks, Oregon, including distance from major cities, large-scale development needs, unpredictable weather, a competitive market, and limited trade resources.

    Action Osprey sought our expertise. Armed with deep market understanding and a knowledge of the area’s unique challenges, we identified a market opportunity where price met location. We focused on Osprey Homes’ main strength: quality homes at an affordable price, coupled with a strong warranty. Our marketing approach emphasized the company’s reliability and authenticity.

    Results Our market-driven strategy defined competitive advantage, increasing in consumer interest. With a wait-list established, marketing costs were cut by 30%, and the average property sales time dropped substantially. The streamlined approach both ensured an increased bottom line and brand reputation for Osprey Homes.

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    Timber Crest Homes: Adapting To Market Conditions

    “Simple Realty Northwest’s clear and effective strategies were instrumental in our project’s success.”
    – Mark T., Founder, Timber Crest Homes

    Situation Timber Crest Homes wanted to develop a mixed-unit project in Vancouver, WA, but faced challenges such as high interest rates and limited property availability.

    Action Recognizing high rental demand due to Vancouver’s proximity to Portland, we proposed a strategic approach: sell a part of the property portfolio to an investor along with a construction agreement, improving capital allocation and hedging against increased interest rates. This creative approach reduced financial strain and streamlined the entire development process.

    Results Timber Crest Homes established a solid footprint in Vancouver’s competitive market, enhancing its brand’s trustworthiness and delivering a successful project that resonated with its target audience. Their strategic decisions, guided by our expertise, allowed them to succeed in a constrained environment.

    Ashton Tenly: 2007 A Path Forward

    “The 2007 downturn could have been catastrophic. Thanks to our collaboration with Simple Realty Northwest, it became a period of growth and opportunity.”
    – Elena F., CFO, Ashton Tenly

    Situation The 2007 financial downturn posed immense challenges. However, Ashton Tenly, with a vision for growth, looked beyond the apparent setbacks.

    Action Harnessing the power of advanced data science and analytics, our strategies pinpointed undervalued acquisition targets below market value. This forward-thinking approach turned potential market turbulence into genuine opportunities.

    Results Ashton Tenly’s ability to pivot and seize market opportunities resulted in portfolio diversification and business growth during a time when many failed. Our partnership symbolizes what can be achieved when challenges are seen as opportunities, backed by experienced execution.

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    Q:How do you ensure success in challenging markets?

    We’ve been where you want to go, and have helped others get there. Combining detailed market research, AI analysis, and proven experience, market challenges become our opportunities.

    Q:Can you provide an example of a successful project turnaround by
    Simple Realty Northwest?

    Certainly. A prime example is our collaboration with Ashton Tenly CFO during the 2007 financial challenges. We used the market conditions to our advantage, focusing on strategic acquisitions, turning potential risk to our advantage.

    Q:What sets us apart?

    Our key differentiator is our innovative blend of data-driven strategies and human insight. This blend ensures that while we’re always ahead in terms of market trends, we never lose sight of the unique nuances each project brings. It’s a balance of principle based, repeated, proven experience, a client-centric focus.

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    Keep up to date with the latest market trends and opportunities

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