Patti Rathbone

Building | Development | Investments

Patti has been actively involved in the Real Estate Industry since 1995.  Her passion is Land Use Planning, Development & Investment.  Patti has spent her life in the great NW, born in Portland, raised in Idaho and eventually migrated with the family, back to the Portland area. Like Jeremy, her experience in the Development/Investment industry comes from partnering with her Dad, a 65 year Veteran of all aspects of the real estate world, coupled with his expansive transactional knowledge and creative thinking have given her the tools to be successful in a challenging market and the ability to “think outside the box”.

Patti manages construction projects small to large.  From raw dirt, land use planning/subdividing to home construction, Patti brings another layer of expertise to our group.   Being in management for over 35 years, she enjoys people, embraces community, is a problem solver and is excited to be part of bringing buyers and sellers together to a mutually positive result; always looking for the win/win in all transactions.

As a single parent, Patti has raised 2 beautiful, productive women and reaping the rewards of parenthood, which she says is, the “Grandson “!

Patti looks forward to working with you whether you are looking for a new home, want to build one, sell one, purchase commercial/industrial property, get involved in a development project or need guidance/assistance in a land use project.  You will love her energy and her “can do” attitude.

Phone: (503) 453-6586

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