Short-Sale Services for Realtors
Short-Sale Services for Realtors

Looking for a Short-Sale Partner?

Simple Realty offers Simplified Short-Sale services to brokers in both Oregon & Washington. Working with a qualified expert can mean the difference between a successfully closed short-sale negotiation, or a complete and total failure.

The bottom line, we’re passionate about helping homeowners navigate the short-sale process. So many fail because they lack experience and an understanding of the way lenders look at and process short-sales. When the process fails, it not only affects you as an agent, but more so, the homeowner.

More Than Just Increased Commissions?

After successfully closing over 1,000 short-sales in the Northwest, we have a dedicated in-house team working exclusively in the short-sale and negotiation process. Many brokers just don’t have the time or resources that it takes to see a short-sale through from start to finish.


Successfully negotiating a short-sale requires rigorous and top-notch communication. You can expect constant communication about the status of the short-sale, as well as an organized, structured and professional process.

I’m Interested, But What About Fees?

As your short-sale partner, we try to keep the process Simple, offering competitive referral fees, or listing splits. Put more commissions in your pocket without the hassle or headache. We’re you’re go-to partner that you can count on. Let us know how we can help.